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Alan Parry

We may be preaching to the choir but lets discuss the benefits of video for your marketing efforts.

Anyone paying attention over the last decade will have noticed how prevalent video content has become. Evolving beyond traditional television commercials to website-based explainers or promotional films and, more recently, YouTube and social media platforms such as Instagram and, yes, even TikTok have not only grown to dominate many brands marketing efforts but also made video an essential part of any businesses plan to reach their customers. When done right, video content can be a powerful tool to raise awareness, explain your product of offering, convert sales and increase customer loyalty and the prestige of your brand. And while costs can be high, 87% of respondents said that video gave them a good return on investment. (1) 

Does video give you a positive ROI

2021 87% Agreed 

2018 78% Agreed 

2015, only 33% Agreed ‍ ‍ 

The businesses/brands you're competing with are also likely using video already, with 86% of companies using some form of video content in their marketing strategy. (2) 

Furthermore 96% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service and 84% of people say that they've been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brands video. (3) 

With more and more of the world's time is spent consuming video content online and with people twice as likely to share a video with their friends and family than any other type of content (4), video becomes not only the obvious choice, but an essential part of any brands future marketing strategy. ‍ 

Does your business use video as a marketing tool? 

2021 86% Did 

2019 (pre pandemic) 87% Did 

2017 63% did ‍ 

In our opinion, the strength of video is in its ability to create a moment of awe. Whether that be a striking visual in a high-budget brand film, a moment of clarity gained from a well-executed explainer film, or perhaps a witty narrative that elicits an emotional and psychological response from the viewer. In striving to create these moments in our content, we aim to help you touch your audience in a way that makes them remember you over your competition, that piques their interest in your brand and offering. If done well, in an authentic manner, they can help build a relationship and brand loyalty. ‍ 

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"The strength of video is in its ability to create a moment of awe."

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