own who you are and stand proud

No unnecessary Jargon, No Smoke and Mirrors, no bullsh#T.

Velvet Pig believes in honesty, transparency and simplicity. Founded by Alan Parry after a decade of working in house as an Editor, Motion Graphics Designer and Head of Department, Velvet Pig seeks to bring a fresh approach not only to the content we produce but also to the relationship with our clients. Favouring honesty and simplicty over pretense and jargon. We'd rather ask questions than nod and smile, we'd rather explain than gloss over and if there's a problem we'd rather discuss it than sweep it under the rug. Sounds simple right? We think so too!


What they say

"Excellent editor and motion graphic artist for our walkthrough video, really made for a smooth schedule."

Evan Paras


"Just a fantastic editor and collaborative visionary. No better person to be locked in a post dungeon with. Alan's technical vision and abilty to problem solve is a collaboratives dream. Looking forward to our next visual adventure together."

Graham Bryan

Director, Writer, Actor

"Working with Velvet Pig is always a delight. Professional, creative and always goes above and beyond the brief. Velvet Pig makes animation, motion graphics and all things post production accessible. They are great at communication and are always up for working with you to make sure they give you nothing but the best."

Kate Aldridge

Founder - Wyld Origins

"In my 15+ yrs in marketing and entrepreneurship I've worked with many video producers. A rare mix of quality, speed, solid product/business grasp and fair price."

Ran Oelgiesser


"Excellent work on an experimental project with a quick deadline and a few required review passes. Would hire again in a heartbeat!"

Sonia Atchison