Prime Cuts

#004 - Around The World In 24 Races

Alan Parry

This monster of a project had us both fanboying out.

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Framestore, in collaboration with Sky Creative, produced the visually stunning Sky F1 2024 | Around the World in 24 Races spot. Led by VFX Supervisor Jules Janaud, Framestore's team integrated CG cars into archival F1 footage and crafted entirely CG shots to create the illusion of a continuous race across various global tracks.

In this episode we're left scratching our heads at the sheer amount of work involved in creating these adrenaline fuelled shots and sequences, particularly due to the lack of camera, lens information, and lighting references in the archive footage.

Jules Janaud described the project as a "patchwork of techniques," highlighting the diverse methods utilized by the VFX artists. This collaboration is part of Framestore's ongoing partnership with Sky Creative and we for one can't wait to see the next ads they bring to our screens.

The spot culminated in a finale featuring fully CG-constructed environments, showcasing the team's skill and creativity.

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