Prime Cuts

One Of The Most Impressive Ads EVER

Alan Parry

Prime Cuts Episode 001 - Bare with our rough beginnings as we discuss some of the most recent ads.

Louis and Alan watch, react and discuss 6 ads, including one of the most expensive adverts we’ve heard of. More than a little rough around the edges, this episode is very much us feeling things out and working out the process. 

The adverts featured in this episode cover a range of life changing moments from getting old and facing the challenges diseases such as Alzheimer’s can pose through to the world flipping news that you’re expecting a child.

Managing Director Alan Parry and Creative Director Louis Tsamados discuss how each video hits home and discuss some of the tools and techniques being used to make it happen… and maybe fan boy a little.

In lighter parts we also cover how lockdown impacted certain advertising campaigns and our frustrations with alcohol marketing.. and how we think it should and shouldn’t be done.

As stated this is very much a rough work in progress and some of you may be relieved to hear we've since opted to cut the length down drastically. Hopefully however you can enjoy watching some well made videos you might not have seen before if nothing else.

Ads in this video include:

It’s not called getting old – Alzheimer’s Society

Fox Of The World 1 & 2 - Old Speckled Hen

Runner321 | Rebellious Optimists - Adidas Running

Flip - B&Q

Welcome Back - Guinness

The Spider And The Window - Samsung

"I think if I was with American friends or any other culture really and I started talking about how all I could think during lockdown was Guinness, I kept seeing Guinness pints everywhere, they'd think I had a problem.”

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