Prime Cuts

Making Comedy Work In Advertising

Alan Parry

Prime Cuts 002 - Alan & Louis continue to iron out the kinks whilst enjoying some lighter videos.

Louis and Alan watch, react and discuss 4 new ads and look at how comedy can help a business win customers... and how doing it badly can chase them away.

In a surprise to no-one Alan is the first to break and bring an ad to the table that he feels missed the mark. Meanwhile Louis brings the table, chair, sofa and meatballs with a fun and trippy Ikea ad that have the pair once again fan boying out over a brand that just seems to nail every ad.

Ribena helps show us all how comedy should be done and gives us all a shared moment of pain, whilst on the other end of relatability a celebrity football club owner gives his team the Fergie hair dryer treatment for not taking their skin care and cybersecurity seriously enough.

The process remains an ongoing experiment and we're currently considering alternative approaches as well as how to improve the quality of footage from our home offices.

Ads in this video include:

Cybersecurity and Skincare - 1password

High Pressure Parking - Ribena

Let Play Unwind Your Mind - Ikea

Tomorrow Begins Today - Natwest

"We don't wanna go around y'know pooping on other companies.... but there's always room for improvement"

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