Prime Cuts

BHF Ad Blows Us Away

Alan Parry

Prime Cuts 003 - Finding our feet we adapt the format to focus on an incredible British Heart Foundation Ad.

The British Heart Foundation has produced a number of award winning and emotionally charged adverts over the years. In this episode of prime cuts Louis and I watch one the most recent ads from the company and quite possibly one of the most filmic videos we’ve seen produced by a company.

And of course, everyone loves a bit of Cillian Murphy.

Voiced by Peaky Blinders actor Cillian Murphy, ‘The Greatest Treasure’ recalls some of the biggest moments of the female leads life. We see her first love, the loss of her father and the moment her unborn son kicks for the first time.

Directed by Vincent Haycock, the spot ends with the lead waking up in a hospital bed with her teenage son by her side. Surviving what her father hadn’t thanks to the progress made by science and medicine in the recent decades.

To develop the world of the heart, the creative team took advice from BHF medical experts to ensure the CGI-led vision was authentic. Blending the sense of the heart as an anatomical and emotional element.

The score, composed by James William Blades mimics a beating heart, with it irregular rhythm simulating arrhythmia but also creating a sense of unease in the audience.

All in all the ad is a wonderful piece of film making and both of us enjoyed discussing it.

"Every time I watch it I see something new I hadn't noticed before"

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