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the approach

Make It Look Delicious!

Back in 2021, ProCook approached Element 26 about making a television commercial to help promote their new knife set: Damascus 67.

As creative discussions usually go, the scope of the project was increased from just the knives to a wide range of their products.

After presenting them with a range of ideas, the comedic approach was the one that resonated the most. It was simple: who doesn’t think they’re the most amazing chef in their own kitchen?

It was funny: who likes cleaning up after a delicious meal?

And most importantly it was stylish!

We went through extensive pre visualisation and storyboarding to make sure we got the most from the 1 shoot day with the high speed Phantom Flex camera.

We then carried the project through post and clearance for TV, and delivered the advert across multiple channels. We also set the tone for their future TV adverts, which all followed the mould that we made.

a man stares longingly at his sandwich
bread being cut 
High Speed still of food tosseda tasty looking sandwich


Phantom Flex

DAta Recorded

Way Too Much

ProCook Damascus Steel Knife
lettuce tossed
ProCook knife slicing a tomato
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