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Emma McQuaid X Harlequins

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Despite our tight deadlines and last-minute requests, Alan and Louis have built a seamless partnership with us producing high quality content time and time again.

They’re not a bad duo either.

Tom Permaul-Baker
Regional Communications Manager at Monster Energy

We Didn't Let Emma Off

The return fixture

the approach

Personality First

Anyone who has played rugby, or any team sport really, will know that the changing rooms are usually full of personalities.

With Shaughna Brown confirmed to be a part of the Harlequins contingent and Emma becoming a content creator in her own right we felt confident that getting “out of the way” would be the best approach.

After conversations with both Harlequins and Reign, we worked with Emma and the Quins coaching staff to create routines that would push these athletes out of their comfort zones and provide a guiding hand to create a narrative of the day.

And of course  capture visually interesting shots/ movements. We are video junkies after all...

On the day it was our great ops and our ability to adapt on the fly that kept the shoots moving smoothly. Even in the face of typical rugby weather (grey, wet and miserable for the uninitiated).

Whilst a different approach to our previous Reign project, there was a similar focus on creating an environment that allowed the athletes to bond and commit whilst having fun and feeling like collaborators in the process.

The result? Truly authentic content and unique insights into two worlds.

Storyboard 1
Shaughna Brown still from BelfastStoryboard 2


Black Magic Pocket Cinema 6k


Belfast // Surrey

BTS of Velvet Pig filming with Harlequins Women's Rugby Players and Emma McQuaid
Emma McQuaid
behind the scenes of Velvet Pig filming with Harlequins
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