Spec Project

Every step Of The Game

The Proof Is In The Pudding

We love sport, and wanted to create more sports content. But how could we expect someone to hand us 5 figure budgets with not much to prove we knew what we were doing?

So we put our money where our mouths were.

Alan Parry
Managing Director at Velvet Pig

the approach

Well... I know some people.

Motivated by a desire to prove our value to sports brands, Velvet Pig invested in a spec film.

Conceiving the project as a piece to promote a fictional ball or kit manufacturer as opposed to a team or athlete gave us clearer direction on shaping the rest of the project.

As a rugby player since childhood, Alan felt he could capture many of the small moments of detail and struggle found in each game, in contrast to the more typically associated physicality and chaos.

The concept then formed around the ball, and by extension the manufacturer being with the player every step of the way.

The team called in favours from a number of other talented individuals and suppliers not least of all Alan’s team mates.

A few months after editing finished, the first sports related client would reach out to us.

profile shot of a rugby player
close up of face rugby players face


RED Gemini 5K

Special Thanks

Racal Decca RFC

Favours Called In


shot of a line out from rugby film produced by velvet pig
close up of a rugby player
behind the scenes of Velvet Pig filming a rugby project
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