Our story so far

Velvet Pig was officially established in April 2021.

After ten years of working in post-production and occasionally dipping my hand into production, I left my job as the Head of Post Production at Element 26, a company I had been with since its inception and helped build.

I immediately found myself working more gigs than I had time (or appetite) to work at once. Fortunately, I knew a great editor, colourist, and creative to work with and Louis was quickly a regular freelancer alongside several producers, camera ops, and sound crews who were able to provide a range of services I could never offer on my own. And so Velvet Pig continued to grow with Louis joining full-time as the second full-time staff member, our network of freelancers continuing to grow.

We've made explainers, testimonials, and case studies. Features films, music videos, and TV commercials, and just about everything in between. But the most enjoyable projects and the ones that inevitably achieved the most all had one thing in common: A compelling story.

For this reason we genuinely care about the companies and more importantly, the people we work with on both sides of the production.

Many agencies tell you what they are (usually all things to all men) so here's what we're not:

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Alan Parry
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Louis Tsamados

Creative Director

Alan Parry


Our Structure

Born during the lockdowns of Covid-19, where WFH became the new hot acronym, we have fully embraced the remote working environment. This can lead to some interesting zoom call backgrounds and distractions but offers the business and those working with it, the ultimate flexibility, to work where and how we want.

As a self-funded business that has so far refused external funding, keeping overheads low is naturally a priority. The cost of an office or studio and business rates simply do not make sense (for now!).

Likewise, the vast majority of the crew, producers, and post-production pros we work with are freelance, allowing us to minimise overheads and them to maintain their freedom to work on other projects with other businesses whenever they want.