What editing software should you be using?

The debate has been raging for a few years now, and Resolve only seems to be getting better and better. But which software should YOU be using for your next edit?

4 Things You Cant Fix In Post

Some things you just cant fix in post production… The often meme'd "Fix it in post" can be the bane of an editor's existence. In this video, we talk about four things you absolutely should NOT be trying to fix in post.

The shift towards internal teams

With alogrithims and audiences to please, companies are finding that external suppliers cant keep up with their day to day video needs

Prime Cuts #001 - One Of The Most Impressive Ads EVER

Louis and Alan watch, react and discuss 6 ads, including one of the most expensive adverts we’ve heard of.

Why Video?

We may be preaching to the choir but lets discuss the benefits of video for your marketing efforts