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Take A Second

Rapport Group / Sussex Safer Roads

Project Type:

Awareness Campaign


Take A Second is provided to Year 11 students and covers how to be a safe passenger, the impact of speed on a collision, the dangers of distracting a driver, and the ways students can speak up to stay safe in a car. As a part of a series of lessons designed to educate and empower students Rapport reached out to us to create a number of videos that would deliver the key facts and concepts in an engaging, visually interesting manner that would still fit the tone of the subject matter. ‍ With Covid-19 in full effect during the end of 2020 and early 2021 the majority of the project would revolve around stock footage and motion graphics combined with a wonderful voice over performance by Chris Lateano. To cap off the videos we reached out to Euro NCAP and Thatcham Research to secure rights to use high quality crash test footage to really drive home the potential consequnces. We were really proud of the videos and our hard work was rewarded with an award nomination shortly after their release.


Development, Production, Video editing, Motion graphics


Premiere pro, After effects, GoPro Hero 7
Creative, fast, efficient and cost effective, couldn’t ask for anymore. This was our first time working with Velvet Pig and we would use them again, no question!

Gabi Bloor

Rapport Group