Velvet Pig has worked with a number of brands and businesses to create video content, but as is the case with anyone who works in the industry we all want to make more creative, exciting videos. Nobody if they're being entirely honest gets into the industry to cut talking heads all day.

In order to help convince the brands with the bigger budgets that Velvet Pig can deliver, we put our money where our mouth is and shot a show piece video in the style of a brand video for a sports brand. Callling on favours, discounts and good will built up over years of work in the industry and in the case of Alan even longer playing rugby, the video was brought to reality as an example of they type of content we hope to make more of in the coming year.

The first step was to write and board the video, taking inspiration from the legendary commericals created by Guinness, a brand synonymous with rugby. Whilst Alan's very crude initial sketches leave much to be desired they laid the ground work for the structure of the video and when shown next to frames from the video even these stick man sketches emphasise the importance of the development stage of any project.

Storyboards, even roughly drawn by the director allow you to add strucutre to the video before the camera even starts rolling... that said the better the artist the more useful the boards become for other departments

With a clear vision of what the project was to be and how the video should look and feel it was over to pre production and production to source a location, a large enough patch of grass or astroturf to shoot on, kit, crew and of course players. It was here that many favours were called in and Racal Decca RFC stepped up to provide all the bodies we'd need to fill the space. Apparently the promise of beer and pizza is highly appealing to rugby players... who'd have thought?

Shooting on the RED Gemini 5k at 120fps provided plenty of flexibility (and a few headaches) in Post, while the edit came together quickly and was refined over a few rounds of internal and external feedback the video would come alive with addition of the sound design. As the timeline below show, there was A LOT of sound effects added to really hammer home impacts and build the atmosphere of playing a physical game of rugby.

Finally the locked edit would go in to the grade, the first pass was a much cleaner look with colour popping through the shots but lacking the dirty, muddier feel the team felt the video needed, through a few rounds of the feedback the lock and final adjustments and tweaks were carried out and the video was ready to be assembled, rendered and shared with the world.