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Rapport Group

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Awareness Campaign


Our first project working with Rapport and Sussex Safer Roads Partnership came during the peak of Covid-19 lockdown in the UK. Unable to take their usual roadshow into schools, a number of lessons delivered by teachers with help from teaching resources was planned. Naturally video would form an important part of the resources provided to teachers. The videos would have to appeal to the Year 7 students (11-12 year olds) whilst still delivering the important messaging and having an impact on the behaviour of the students. Due to the nature of the resources the videos would also have to be strong enough to stand alone as well as back to back and flexible enough to be shown in any order. Working closely with Rapport during the development of the scripts stock and motion graphics would form the core of the videos, with Covid land budget limiting shoot options. Some footage would be shot in a POV style to help demonstrate the impact music, hoods and distractions could have on safety around roads. Carli Fish would be approached to provide voice over work and the client would be delighted with her performance. The videos went live just after christmas and were rolled out to school children across Sussex thereafter.


Development, Production, Video Editing, Motion Graphics


Premiere pro, After effects, GoPro Hero 7
Creative, fast, efficient and cost effective, couldn’t ask for anymore. This was our first time working with Velvet Pig and we would use them again, no question!

Gabi Bloor

Rapport Group