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Bin It!

Rapport Group / Mars Wrigley

Project Type:

Awareness Campaign


The Bin It! Roadshow is a 45 minute session for students aged between 11 and 13 years old, aiming to confront the effect of littering on society and the environment in an engaging and entertaining way. In early 2021 with the Covid-19 pandemic keeping the majority of the UK in lockdown (including schools) Bin It! had to find an alternative way to get their anti littering campaign out to the 200+ schools they'd usually visit. Working with Gabi at Rapport and Director Sundeep (Sunny) Saiini to adapt the script and find two great actors, over the course of two days the crew took full advantage of our beautiful location to get some great looking footage, adding a real sense of production value to the final product; these are not the bad VHS tapes you'd have to watch when your teacher was nursing a hangover. Actors Gina Burke and Chris Montague arrived well drilled from rehearsals with Sunny and delivered great character performances, perfect for the audience.


Development, Production, Video editing, Motion graphics, Colour grading


Sony FS7, GoPro Hero 7, Premiere pro, After effects, Davinci Resolve
Creative, fast, efficient and cost effective, couldn’t ask for anymore. This was our first time working with Velvet Pig and we would use them again, no question!

Gabi Bloor

Rapport Group