POST Production

Editing, Graphics, Sound and Colour

You Shoot We Finish

Post-production is where we got our start, with backgrounds working in house at a busy agency and then providing freelance services as editors, motion graphics designers and colourists Post-production is our first love and something we're happy to help you with.

Video editing is often referenced as the final script revision in feature films and for good reason. Even on the smallest of corporate videos, the editing process is where the pieces all come together and your video or film takes shape. It is at this stage the final decisions about what to show or not show are made and any narrative is fully constructed and tweaked into shape. As such a good editor can make or break your project, not only must they be skilled at shaping stories and extracting the key points and beats to highlight but they must also be a skilled communicator and diplomat, often having to negotiate between producers and directors or clients and the realities of what's available.

Motion graphics designers have seen their demand grow exponentially over the last decade, with the rise in explainers and the near-universal requirement for brands to have some sort of ident or logo animation ready for their videos, motion design has gone from a niche to a must-have and there's a good chance your project will require some sort of basic motion graphics work, likewise, colourists were once the preserve of high budget projects but now with more and more cameras able to shoot RAW codecs, the flexibility afforded in post makes bringing a colourist on board to make the images truly "pop" a no brainer.

The posty often also ends up being responsible for the technical aspects of delivery, whether that's ensuring audio levels are appropriate for TV, a commercial has the right clock number and frames at the start/finish or simply ensuring the file is in the correct codec to ensure you're not left uploading a 400GB file to YouTube for your 90-second explainer.

Whether you're an internal creative looking for support from professionals, a production company looking for external post-production support or just looking to ask for some advice on finishing your TV commercial or film to the right standards and avoiding the pitfalls for QA - feel free to drop us a message and we'll give you honest advice on your next steps, even if that just means giving you some free advice.