Motion Graphics

Explainers, logo animations and beyond

Bringing brands & ideas to life

Motion graphics designers have seen their demand grow exponentially over the last decade, with the rise in explainers and the near-universal requirement for brands to have some sort of ident or logo animation ready for their videos, motion design has gone from a niche to a must-have and there's a good chance your project will require some sort of basic motion graphics work.

For stand-alone pieces, the styles and tools available are almost infinite and require motion graphics artists to remain flexible and adaptable on top of being creative and great communicators.

Motion graphics are a great option for a product or service which is less tangible and thus harder to film. It's important to note that people often assume motion graphics are "cheaper" and faster to produce, and whilst this can be the case, it is often not the case when discussing high-quality work which will require a lot of development and storyboarding as well as asset creation and experimentation.

At their best, motion graphics can use stunning visuals and sound to create an emotive reaction as well as deliver a clear messge, and will enhance any brand just as well as a well-shot brand video.